Auckland Wide Service!


Terms of Service

 1. Atsg  agrees to provide services in accordance with the accepted industry standards or as otherwise stated at the time of quotation

 2. The customer is defined as the person or organization who has arranged for the work to be done or the person responsible  for the  

     payment for the work carried out.

 3. Third Parties. When the work is being organized for a third party they must be made fully aware of and agree to our Terms  and

     Conditions. The contract is deemed to be executed on the customers or agents acceptance of the quotation.

 4. Standard stump grinding involves the grinding of the stump to an approximately 100mm below the surface including the visible roots.

 5. All grindings are to remain on site

 6. Stump grinding quotes are based on the assumption that the stumps are free of foreign material such as rocks , steel or other hidden

     obstructions. ATSG reserves the right to to increase the charge in accordance with additional costs uncured.

 7. Underground Services. Unless a plan showing the exact location and depth of the underground pipes, wires or cables has been forwarded to

     ATSG by the customer ( or their agent ) prior to the commencement of work we shall be under no liability for any damage caused to such  

     pipes, wires or cables as a result of work performed , or any damage to property resulting there from. The customer shall be solely liable for

     any such damage.

 8. The customer accepts that in order to access and carry out work specified in the contract, damage may be caused to lawns, driveways and

     paths by vehicles or machinery accessing the job site. ATSG will take all reasonable care to prevent such damage, but will not accept liability

     for damage caused.

 9. Any complaints relating to any work carried out must be lodged within a period of 7 days from the invoice date.

10. Arbitration. Should any disputes arise as to the interpretation of the contract , it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration

      Act 1996 and its amendments. Any decision will e final and binding upon both parties.

11. All quotations expire two months from the date of quotation. ATSG reserves the right to withdraw and reprice work, unless otherwise agreed in

     writing as a part of the original quotation.

12. Payment for jobs. Payment for jobs completed is required on the day the job is completed unless otherwise arranged.

13. Interest may be charged on any amounts owing after due date at a rate of 2% per month or part thereof. All and Any expenses, disbursements

     and legal costs uncured by ATSG in the enforcement of any rights contained in this contract, shall be paid by the customer, inclusive of  

     solicitor fees and debt collection agency fees.